13 Haunted Buildings In Boston


Photo of Lizzie Borden’s House 

Do you like being scared? Do you prefer watching scary movies over an Adam Sandler movie? Some people have a fascination for murders and ghosts, really anything that puts shivers down their spine. For those who enjoys the occasional scare, Boston has tons of places you should check out that are known for being haunted. So in the spirit of Halloween, here are 13 petrifying haunted buildings that have garnered quite the reputation.

1. The Pilot House

The Pilot House was built way back in 1839 and originally served as an inn for pilots and captains of large boats and ships, needing a place to stay overnight. While it isn’t exactly known what atrocities happened there, it has a big-time reputation as a haunted place. People hear and see a variety of unusual things but most common and known apparition is the “Lady in White,” who haunts the kitchen.

2. The Omni Parker House Hotel

This place originally opened up in 1855, which makes it the oldest hotel in the country. Throughout the years, numerous upgrades have been made, but the haunted stories about this hotel remain. There are numerous rumors of the former owner of the hotel (Harvey Parker) being seen on the 10th floor, as well as the elevator mysteriously stopping on the 3rd floor, as well as a boatload of other reports.

3. Emerson College’s Cutler Majestic Theatre

This theater was first opened up in 1903 and hosted a number of different shows and viewings. Throughout the last 100+ years, there have been several reports of different spirits residing including a former Mayor who reportedly died while watching a performance. Other spirits that are still lingering consists of a married couple watching shows and a little girl that is said to accept the gifts you leave for her.

4. Charlesgate Hotel

This place was constructed in 1891 and served as a huge structure right at the heart of Boston. While it is no longer an active hotel, it’s still standing. The designer of the building died inside of its walls, and a man also committed suicide there in 1908. Since the suicide, people who have visited and lived there reported several different stories about mean and devious spirits haunting them.

5. Berklee’s Mass Ave Residence Hall

While this space is obviously currently occupied by some dormitory rooms, there are rumors that a hotel used to stand there. A fire caused the hotel to be destroyed and has apparently led to a number of frightening spirits to haunt the students that currently live here. In fact, some of the ghosts even supposedly live in the rooms with students.

6. Fort Warren

This entrance to the Boston Harbor was used throughout a number of different wars from the 19th century to the 20th century. While it’s obviously not used for wartime purposes anymore, it’s still open to the public. The place is famously haunted by a woman in black who was supposedly executed after she was caught trying to help her husband escape the fort.

7. Lizzie Borden’s House

What is more haunting than the home of a woman who murdered two people inside of it with an ax? Borden killed her father and stepmother with an ax and was later acquitted. This all occurred over a hundred years ago, but there is no doubt the location still has an eerie vibe to it. For only a few dollars, you can actually spend a night at this haunted location. Do you dare?

8. Boston Common

While this is not technically a building, it is a location that is very famous around Boston for being haunted. The Boston Common was the first place settled by Europeans in all of Boston and thus, is the oldest place in the city. Numerous different hangings have taken place there and the grounds are said to be haunted by two women who can be seen walking together, arm in arm.

9. Shelton Hall at Boston University

This place was a hotel before it became a dormitory and was home to Eugene O’Neill, who was a playwright who was quite famous and talented. However he, unfortunately, had a rare illness that led him to die during his stay. He lived in room 401 and now, the entire floor is reported to still be haunted by the man, and several people like to go there to try and get inspiration for their own writings.

10. The Green Line at Boylston

The Green Line is a train that runs throughout Boston, but the Boylston Street Station is no ordinary stop. The location is apparently haunted by more than one spirit, as many different people have reported different stories ranging from ghost sightings to train malfunctions that can’t be explained. These likely stem from the fact that a mass grave for British casualties of the American Revolution was found at this location.

11. The George Parkman House

This was the house that was lived in by George Parkman, who was a member of one of the richest families in Boston in the 1800s. However, his life would end in a horrific way in 1849 by the hands of John Webster. He was murdered brutally and Parkman was dismembered by Webster as well. It is said that the home is still haunted and the man still roams the premises.

12. Everett Square Theatre

This old theater has quite the history in terms of hauntings, but it is disputed. There are those out there who believe all the frightening tales of its past, while others believe they are just made up stories. One of the stories is that a group of people was massacred on a balcony here. Whether the stories are real or false, there is no doubting this building sends out some pretty creepy vibes.

13. The Charlestown Bridge

This bridge was constructed well over 100 years ago and is still going strong today. While it is used by a lot of people and can be a scenic place to take a walk, there is also some dark history there. A man disappeared there on a stormy night, never to be seen again. Apparently, the noise from his horse and carriage can still sometimes be heard there to this day.

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