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About Us (中文版)
We want to simplify your apartment search.
Apartment hunting can be overwhelming, but we realized that finding a new home isn't about looking at every apartment listing, it's about looking at the best ones. Quality, not quantity.
With the powers of math and technology combined, we created RentHop, a site that sorts listings by quality. We know you don't want to see listings without photos or from unresponsive landlords and brokers, so unlike other sites that only sort by price or posting date, our HopScore (a sophisticated set of algorithms) ranks apartment listings by quality, so only the best rise to the top.
We currently serve most major U.S. cities.
Scholarship and Internship Opportunity
Unlike the Manhattan apartment search, the founders both had amazing and transformative college experiences and understand that a lot of the skills learned in school can come in handy in the most unexpected circumstances. Hunting for an apartment in NYC for rent can include all of the elements required to power through a difficult midterm season in school: stamina, endurance, intellect, and determination come to mind. Current college undergraduates or graduating high school seniors entering a college undergraduate program should consider applying to our RentHop College Scholarship, offering cash prizes and an optional internship with RentHop.
Our Team
Lee Lin, Cofounder
Lee is a data geek from MIT who spent years at quantitative hedge funds cranking out models to explain and predict financial markets. Real estate has always been a big part of Lee's life. He grew up helping out at his parents' Jersey Shore motels, became a landlord his first year out of college, analyzed mortgages on a fixed-income trading desk, and acquired a New York real estate license. At RentHop, he combines his nerd talents and real estate knowledge to constantly tweak the secret HopScore. He currently lives near Bryant Park and his favorite restaurant is Cafe Zaiya.
Li Zhou, Cofounder
While Li graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Electrical Engineering, he's dropped his Fourier transforms to tackle the world of startups and real estate. Straight out of college, he worked as a commercial real-estate analyst at a major investment bank. After an extremely stressful renting experience during the inflation scare of 2008, he laid the groundwork for RentHop with Lee. At RentHop, he codes and drinks copious amounts of caffeine. He resides in Hell's Kitchen and couldn't live without Lenny's salads and Dunkin Donuts coffee.
Justin Dell'aglio, Director of Operations
Justin brings a background in finance and sales to RentHop. He graduated from Boston University and worked as a financial planner at two major financial services firms. Now Justin is responsible for helping renters and property managers use RentHop to find and rent great apartments (renters) and find and attract great renters (property managers). He lives in the Bronx and is extremely good at soccer and volleyball. Justin is also a graduate of Startup Institute New York.
Vladimir Fleurima, Mobile Engineer
Vladimir has worked on embedded devices and location-aware apps since Fall 2000 at the MIT Media Lab while pursuing his degree in computer science. He was an early employee and lead engineer at Playdom, working on social media hits Mobsters and Sorority Life until the company's acquisition by Disney in 2010. Vladimir brings his extensive mobile development experience to RentHop and continually releases new versions of the RentHop Manager and consumer RentHop apartment search apps. He lives in Brooklyn and hangs out at Bosie Tea Parlor.
Faye Chou, Statistical Data Analyst
Faye is a true cosmopolitan that has lived in Taiwan, Cape Town, New York, and Kansas. She is a double major from New York Univeristy in Economics and Polical Science and served as Tri-State District Governor of the International Taiwanese American Students Association. Her previous work includes marketing and communication positions at Mercedes-Benz, KNO Clothing, and the Global Leadership Organization. In addition to being RentHop's in-house stats analyst, Faye also leads RentHop's marketing, social media, and operations support efforts.
Shane Leese, Data Scientist
Shane loves tinkering and analyzing with all things data. Whether it's examining the database of NYC parking tickets, finding the buildings with the most 311 heat complaints, or monitoring breathing patterns for sleep apnea, Shane can dive right in and tell you the most interesting conclusions. He studied computer engineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and his hobbies range from dominating the dance floor at Arabesque to tinkering and optimzing his local RStudio server. You may also find Shane scuba diving in the Bahamas or biking through Black Rock City.
Lindsey Dewey, Operations and Marketing Associate
Lindsey attended Deerfield Academy where she captained and led the squash team through the championship match at Nationals. She continued her studies at George Washington University and later Startup Institute New York. She enjoys sushi, in particular the avocado rolls at Nagomi, and also frequently orders the artisan vegetarian dishes from Maple. As the second oldest of four siblings, Lindsey and her family love to travel, having trekked all across New England, Washington DC, and even a short stint in Africa. Her drink of choice is a goji berry smoothie from Wicker Juice & Kitchen.
Nina Furseth, Statistical Data Analyst
Nina graduated from the NYU School of Professional Studies with a masters in public relations and corporate communication. During her program, she was also a copywriter and social media manager for NYU Tandon Online. Previously, Nina worked as a journalist in her home country of Norway, writing first for Tidens Krav and later at Nina enjoys nature and wildlife and has spent her free time volunteering with the Harnas Foundation studying and researching animal learning habits. The same patience and inquisitiveness is a valuable addition to the data science efforts at RentHop. Her caffeine of choice is Starbucks on Canal and Lafayette.
Shane Lee, Business Development Associate
Shane attended National Taiwan University majoring in foreign language and literature. She worked at both Jin Jin Advertising and the NTU Press Room before attending and completing a masters in PR and Communications from NYU. Shane has played thousands of hours of volleyball with over a dozen different teams and is a welcome addition to the RentHop Wallabies' offense, setting, and passing lineup. She brings the same systematic competitiveness to the sales and operations team at RentHop. For a morning pickup, Shane prefers Cafe Bari at Canal and Broadway.
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