REBNY and RLS Vendor Game Of Thrones

Originally posted on January 21, 2020 9:12 am
Updated on January 21, 2020 2:33 pm

REBNY and RLS switched the vendor powering the RLS feed from Stratus Data Systems to Perchwell. These changing always cause a little risk, work, and stress for everyone involved. However, there can be many necessary reasons to switch vendors. Any serious player in a data-heavy ecosystem learns to expect these major API and feed changes.

Drama and Game Of Thrones

Amusingly, this time the API changes involve a new outsourced vendor. REBNY is switching from one company to another, and the breakup is not going well. Stratus has pulled a Stannis Baratheon, Phase 1. They have very publicly aired their grievances with the parties involved, and taken things a step further by sending a raven to every corner of the realm.



Even we received copies of their two attorney demand letters. One letter demands Perchwell cease and desist (developing their replacement software). One letter demands REBNY cease and desist (allowing Perchwell to proceeed).

Allegedly Not Transparent Process

As if that weren’t enough drama, the new vendor is a competitor to other syndication firms. Status was never in the business of taking on direct brokerage firm clients and syndicating to marketplaces. They built a backend feed platform and allowed syndication feed companies to join it. Nestio, RealtyMX, OLR, and Perchwell are all competitors in the syndication game (and each one focusing on more than JUST syndication).

By allowing one of the syndicators to also mandate and specify the REBNY RLS API, will there be a conflict of interest? Can Perchwell use this as a tool to win more clients? And will they keep a strong separation of church and state when it comes to servicing feed listings from competitors?

Hopefully No Impact To Marketplace

As a marketplace, RentHop and RealtyHop are fairly neutral and accept feeds from any reliable source. Lawrence predicted this model in his syndicators and aggregators vision. We aren’t impacted by any of this, as long as there isn’t a massive interruption of service (which is possible). However, everyone tends to benefit when there is an ecosystem of multiple partners, all cooperating and sharing data to the benefit of customers, landlords, and brokers. We hope things don’t turn too ugly. Anything that breaks the flow of listings distribution only weakens REBNY and their control over regulating New York City condo, co-op, and apartment listings.

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