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Post your apartment or room on RentHop in 5 minutes. It's simple and effective.

Sublet / Leasebreak
Sublet your current apartment or room. Short term sublets and shares are allowed.
List Your Apartment / Room
$20 Per Listing
Homeowner / Landlord
List your home or advertise properties you own. Create a custom listing in minutes.
List Your Properties
$20 Per Listing
Agent / Management Co.
Dashboard and power tools to advertise a portfolio of open + exclusive listings.
Post Your First Listing
2 Credits Per Listing

Connect with Renters

Each year millions of qualified renters use RentHop to find their next home.

Quick Turnaround
Design and post your own custom listing in less than 5 minutes.
Mass Appeal
Gain exposure to 300,000+ unique monthly renters.
Post For Free
Rhino helps renters save money and satisfy their security deposit requirement. If the owner of your property is using Rhino to provide deposit-free homes, Rhino will cover your RentHop advertising costs. If they aren't, getting set up with Rhino is fast and simple. Learn more and sign up to redeem your credits.
Newsletter Retargeting
Inclusion in our daily newsletter, sent to thousands of renters who've recently inquired on listings similar to yours.
Competitive Advantage
See how your listing compares price/feature wise versus local competition.
Quality Control
Immediate feedback on the quality of your listing and suggestions to improve it.
Face Time
Conveniently schedule times for open houses / showings.
Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
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