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We built RentHop to help you find your next apartment quickly and securely.

RentHop's HopScore AI, built atop 15+ years of rental data and millions of transactions, ranks apartment listings by quality and accuracy.

Recently posted apartments with lots of photos, responsive landlords, and accurately noted amenities will always appear first.

RentHop also warns you if an apartment seems overpriced, inaccurate, or looks too suspiciously good to be true.
Photos are unique to this property
Price verified by multiple data sources
Building amenities are properly noted
Landlord usually replies in under 10 min
Landlord has multiple positive reviews
Listing title may be inaccurate / linkbait
Listing does not have any photos
Price is suspiciously low
Landlord is slow to reply
Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
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