Where should I install my washer and dryer in my apartment?

If you can have a washer/dryer, usually you’ll have to install it in a “wet space” which means near your bathroom or kitchen. If you don’t have a perfectly sized spare closet (who does, really), and your clothes still need a home, the kitchen can be a good place to house these monstrous machines. If this is where you want it, we recommend getting a washer / dryer combo unit. The dryer will be slower, but it’ll still be worth it.

Many people opt to turn their second bathroom into a laundry room, either by removing the tub or installing it into the shower stall.

If you do have an extra closet that’s big enough to accommodate these units, you still may not be able to install them there. Due to the “wet” space rules, bedroom or living room closets usually won’t fly because they are dry and usually the space below them (your downstairs neighbors) is dry as well.

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