What is a Floor-Through Apartment

Originally posted on September 21, 2022 3:00 pm
Updated on September 12, 2022 2:31 pm

Everyone thinks apartments in NYC are shoe boxes that people pay a billion dollars a month to live in. While some spaces are definitely cozy, many homes give you a lot of bang for your buck. Huge apartments that are hard to even fathom stand tall above the city streets, and brownstone row houses often have cavernous spaces perfect for families. These large homes might be expensive, but they also usually come with conveniences other homes might not have access to. This is especially true for floor-through apartments, which are some of the most coveted spaces in the entire city.

What is a Floor-Through Apartment?

A floor-through apartment, or simply a “floor apartment,” is an apartment that takes up an entire floor of a building. This can apply to a range of homes in the city. The most common form of the floor-through apartment is located in brownstones, whose floors are typically divided into three separate units. However, luxury buildings have also started adding these illustrious homes, especially when it comes to penthouses. These spaces are huge, high off the ground, and offer some of the best apartment amenities in the city. Though they’re usually costly, you’ll be getting your money’s worth.

Features of a Floor-Through Apartment

Floor-through apartments usually have features that other homes don’t. These things can be simple, like private outdoor spaces, laundry rooms, and larger living spaces. However, some are lavish and offer residents a living experience unlike any other. 

Check out this three-bedroom rental unit located at 151 Rivington Street. Tenants can enjoy both North and South natural light exposure from the windows from both ends of the unit. Luxury amenities such as a washer and dryer in unit can also be enjoyed! Or alternatively, check out this other floor-through unit on the Upper East Side at 1413 2nd Avenue. It also comes with great amenities, such as plenty of natural light from both ends of the unit, not to mention a large amount of space for you to enjoy.

Floor-through apartments aren’t just rentals. They can be on the market for sale as well. A good example is this triplex unit at 165 Charles Street, which is a three-story penthouse home. This amazing home is a floor-through on the first floor, and the other two floors are bonus space. The apartment features an enormous living space flooded with natural light. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow for beautiful views of Manhattan and the Hudson River. There are multiple entertainment spaces as well as walk-in closets and dressing rooms. This unit has a study and a separate library, a chef-quality kitchen, multiple terraces, and private elevator access. What more could someone ask for?

Essentially, many floor-through apartments will feature extra rooms, better air circulation, windows both in the front and back of the homes and better noise control due to the lack of neighbors surrounding you. These apartments are houses that people have stuffed into apartment complexes, so expect many of the best features of a home without all the yard work and constant repairs. 

How to Find Floor-Through Apartments

Listing sites like renthop.com and realtyhop.com are helpful resources for hunting apartments of any size. If you happen to find a penthouse or brownstones on here, there is a decent chance those homes will be floor apartments with ample space and amenities. Another great resource is your real estate agent, who will be able to tell you about available floor apartments that are also in the neighborhood and price range you are seeking. 

While floor-through apartments can be affordable, keep in mind that floor-through apartments can also be very pricey since space is hard to come by in the city, so it’s good to recognize that not every floor-through apartment is attainable. Some go for tens of millions of dollars, like the luxury penthouses of 35 Hudson Yards, one of which was featured on the HBO show Succession as the residence of one of the billionaire protagonists of the show. Lots of the pricing disparity can be caused by the listing location, age of the building, and amenities and features that are included in the unit.

Floor-through apartments are a rare glimpse of space in a city that sometimes forces people to share bathrooms in a hallway. These large apartments are usually luxurious, but even ones that aren’t super modern have enough space for families or several roommates to be extremely comfortable. To take up the entire floor of an NYC building is seen as a luxury, so grab these homes while they’re available. You’ll be able to stretch out and have amenities that are not often seen in the Big Apple, and that’s what makes these homes truly special.

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