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Dominic Grant
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Though Dominic is not originally from New York, the city's fast-paced lifestyle and endless possibility reminds him of London, where he grew up. Making a home here feels natural to him, and he is eager to help his clients do the same.

Dominic inherited his deep passion for real estate from his father and the family business. He is drawn to the opportunity it gives him to meet new people, learn and grow constantly, and see concrete results from his hard work. With past experience in sales, client relations, and commercial real estate, he is excited to expand into residential real estate and establish lasting relationships with his clients. Upbeat, diligent, and motivated to succeed, there has been no challenge in his career that he has been afraid to tackle.

In addition to real estate, Dominic enjoys team sports, particularly field hockey. He also loves to document new life experiences through videography, and is working towards his longtime goal of traveling to 50 different countries by the time he is 50.
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