Research and Studies

Research & Studies

Chicago, IL
Chicago, IL
Chicago's Rat Complaints Continue to Grow
Updated 1 month ago
Chicago ranks #1 as the "rat capital" in the country. The abundance of garbage and buildings in The Windy City makes it a great location for these rats to seek shelter and food for survival. The presence of these furry critters poses a threat to city dwellers due to the fact that they are…
Save Up To $440 Per Month By Renting A Little Further From Downtown Chicago
Updated 3 months ago
For renters on a budget, finding affordable apartment rentals in a big city is not an easy feat. In this study, we analyze how distances from various boundaries separating contiguous neighborhoods in Chicago could influence the median rents of apartments. Key Findings from the Study: A…
Save on Rent by Adding a Little Time to Your Daily L Commute
Updated 4 months ago
The Chicago "L" is the fourth largest heavy rail rapid transit system in the U.S. As an essential part of most Chicagoans' lives, the L system, on average, served 740,000 riders each weekday in 2017. We at RentHop, therefore, believe that it is our duty to map out the rental data by the L train…
Can You Afford To Live In Chicago? (Armour Square Ranked Least Affordable)
Updated 14 months ago
Less than a Third of Chicago Neighborhoods are Affordable Curious which parts of Chicago are actually affordable? With widely varying rents across the city ($725 in Burnside vs $3,100 in Near North Side for the median two-bedroom) it's no surprise that some neighborhoods have rents that are just…
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Chicago Median Rent by L Train Stop 2017
Updated 16 months ago
Next Stop Higher Rent Prices Chicago's CTA 'L' train system is an essential part of many Chicagoan's lives. With around 800,000 riders each weekday, it eases traffic congestion and improves the lives of every Chicagoan, even the ones that don't ride it. It should be no surprise then, that it is…
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Chicago's Dog Poop Problem - 2016 The Worst Year So Far
Updated 17 months ago
Complaints for Neglected Dog Waste on the Rise We've all been there, enjoying a beautiful spring day, maybe walking to meet some friends for dinner. Suddenly - SQUISH - oh no! In a split second there's a rush of emotions: anger, sadness, embarrassment, and nausea. Who are these degenerates that…
1908-2016 Rent Prices Soar - Apartments Shrink - The Cubs Keep Winning
Updated 22 months ago
Over the past 108 years Chicago has really changed, but some things will always be the same. Needing a place to live is one of those things, and we've found it wasn't nearly as easy as it is today to find an apartment in 1908. There was no RentHop, or Craigslist, or internet whatsoever, so…
Clinton Widens Chicago Lead in October - Trump Holds Strong in Suburbs
Updated 22 months ago
Surprise! Hyde Park, Obama's Old Hood, is a Stronghold of Hillary supporters As we enter the home stretch on this election cycle, the only thing left to do is vote (seriously, get out and vote!). We've been bombarded with scandals, controversies, and conspiracies. As Hillary and the Donald go…
Where Does the Train of Rising Rents Stop?
Updated 24 months ago
An Analysis of Rents and the Elevated Rail Lines Close your eyes and think of your least favorite things. If the 'L' and your monthly rent comes to mind, then you're in for a treat. The RentHop data science team has put together a map of median rents for one-bedroom apartments across the rail…
Get to know your neighbor's political views: Chicago Edition (2016)
Updated 25 months ago
Hillary and Bernie in a close race for supporters and donors. Republicans lag.
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