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Near West Side Apartments for Rent

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Near West Side Apartments for Rent

About Near West Side

Just west of the Loop, the Near West Side offers a great balance of location and affordability. Renting an apartment here will put you in close proximity to Fulton River District, Little Italy, Illinois Medical District, and the United Center; they’re all part of the Near West Side. The CTA’s Pink, Green, and Blue Lines all run through the area, as well as highways I-90/94 and I-290.

Apartment Snapshot

Near West Side apartments are generally in low-rise multi-unit complexes. Rental costs are reasonable here, with many spacious apartment options. A one-bedroom rental with great amenities can be found for less than $2,000. Apartments are significantly less expensive as you go further west.


The Near West Side populated as workers looked west of downtown for more affordable living options. Hull House was founded here in 1889 and its community outreach had great effect on the quality of life for the many residents. The area’s population peaked over 150,000 in the 1950’s but is considerably less now. The Malcolm X College was founded here in 1911 and continues to serve the community’s junior college needs.


The Near West Side has a wide variety of people and characteristically different neighborhoods within it. The Boeing Company’s headquarters are located here and are a boon to the economy. Malcolm X College and University of Illinois at Chicago are significant jobs creators for the area while attracting students and their spending power.


The Near West Side has a population of 54,881, and median household income of $62,770. Income distribution is biased towards the areas nearer to downtown. Further west, the area is still gentrifying.

Did You Know?

The smell of chocolate that one often smells when approaching the loop emanates from the Blommer Chocolate Company here, in the Fulton River District.

While You’re Here

Hit up Greektown anytime of the night to satisfy your guilty gyro urges. Catch a Blackhawks or bulls game at the United Center and touch the Statue of Michael Jordan for good luck. The Garage food truck on Aberdeen has mouthwatering tacos for cheap.

Public Transportation
0.30 mi - Medical District (430 S. Damen Avenue)
0.46 mi - Ashland (1601 W. Lake Street)
0.54 mi - Polk (1713 W. Polk Street)
1.34 mi - California (2800 W. Lake Street)
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