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Originally from San Jose, California, Yaffa attended UC Berkeley, where she graduated early with a degree in Business Administration from the Haas School of Business. After college, Yaffa's interest in real estate prompted her to earn a certificate in Real Estate Principles from Baruch College. She strongly believes in continuing education and stays up to date on the real estate market by reading books, articles, and blogs, attending trainings, and meeting other real estate professionals.

Before working in New York real estate, Yaffa worked at an established real estate investment & property management company in the Bay Area. There she managed large shopping centers and many residential tenants. She also worked on the investment acquisition side of the business, analyzing potential purchases worth tens of millions. Given her experience, Yaffa is equipped to represent residential and commercial owners, renters, and buyers.

With years of photography experience, Yaffa has an eye for detail and can relate to clients' desires to find the right aesthetic in their homes. She is also in tune with practical concerns and can assist clients in choosing a floor plan that will fit their specific needs. Yaffa is accustomed to finding a balance between multiple variables and consistently incorporates this concept into her real estate research.

Yaffa's ability to relate to a variety of personalities and actively listen to people make her the ideal real estate agent on any side of a transaction. She is a dedicated individual with a strong work ethic who inspires confidence that what she accomplishes is the result of her best efforts.
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