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Vladimir A. Kulagin
Keller Williams Realty
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Vladimir prides himself on truly listening to his clients and understanding their needs. He is always keen on meeting and talking with people from every walk of life. With his winning personality, wit and style, he has built lasting friendships with many of his customers. Always resourceful, with strong intuition and discretion, he can comprehend the client�s needs, find them exactly what they are looking for and help them make the best decision possible. Vladimir is always on call for any questions and concerns.
�I love to help people, I just feel good about helping others and seeing a smile makes it all worth it�.
A background in Interior Design and Hotel Management has provided Vladimir with a combination of skills and knowledge to always be ahead of the game. The energy he brings combined with customer service skills from years in the Hospitality Industry provides an enjoyable experience. Vladimir will give you valuable insight into all aspects of your search for the right home and insure that your move goes swiftly and trouble free.
�I will work efficiently and effectively with you to make the process as smooth and successful as possible. My goal is to make the entire process of your unique situation the most comfortable and stress free that I can�.
Vladimir decided New York City was the place to be and found a mentor in the world of Real Estate. He is fully motivated by this exciting industry providing unlimited success in a business that�s creative, sales-based and just altogether incredibly rewarding.
�I always wanted to find a way to learn, grow, and become a better person�
There is no challenge too large and Vladimir tackles everything with conviction and a smile!
Vladimir looks forward to helping you find your ultimate happiness at home!
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