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Tuval represents a new breed of Modern Real Estate Professionals in that he has a well-rounded knowledge of all aspects of real estate combining online and in-the-field research; a skilled communicator and listener who attributes his success to the amount of time he researches the market and the personal attention he devotes to each of his clients. Not surprisingly, the majority of his clients are referral based.

A native of Israel, Tuval graduated from the College of Management with a BA in digital marketing communications and business management. In addition to being a licensed salesperson He is also a Certified Real Estate Advisor and an NYU gradate in real estate finance and investment. As the owner of a successful start-up website, he is always looking for the next online tool that will assist him and his clients in being ahead of the technological curve.

Recently as a buyers agent, Tuval took advantage of good timing and negotiating skills to get his client a closing price that was a Million dollars less than what the apartment was listed for two years.

Top Grossing agent at his former brokerage firm during the busiest months of 2008.(took a short break after to work on his own enterprise). Experienced with representing buyers and sellers in condo and co- op transactions valued above the million dollar range with professionalism and passion.

Check out Tuvals website and blog for market news and updates Tuval recently been honored By getting his blog article to be head featured on As a buyers agent, Tuval specializes in finding great value apartments - hidden treasures in the market - helping his clients get their dream home for the right price. He is a strong believer in researching, good timing and aggressive negotiating.

As a sellers agent he has a wealth of experience representing apartments priced at $1,000,000 and up. Tuval presents a highly detailed market analysis based on both city-wide and neighborhood trends, identifying sales patterns in comparable properties and the root causes behind these patterns. Driven to bring to the table the best marketing plan in the city, Tuval has learned from top brokerage firms in NYC and has found a way to bring it up a notch. With a combination of knowledge, experience and instinct, Tuval provides invaluable guidance to his clients so that they can make decisions with confidence.

Tuval is also a seasoned rental agent with seven successful years of experience in the rental market which had him dealing with almost every management agency in the city. A strong believer that it is essential that he find his clients not only a beautiful well-priced rental apartment, but also an apartment in a building with a responsible landlord and efficient management. Tuval will save clients time and grief by diverting them from the bad apples that might look attractive to the inexperienced eye.
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