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Shalom Wilkins
Voro New York
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Shalom began the quest for his calling by gaining unparalleled experience and personal skills by traveling to many different countries throughout the world living, speaking and being thrown into unfamiliar cultures. Through those travels, Shalom has learned to break many borders of communication due to his sheer desire to learn and grow.
He started his career as a car salesman for Toyota in Gainesville Florida, before moving on to do pharmaceutical sales for a non-narcotic compounding company based in Jacksonville, Florida.  Currently working as a Real Estate Professional in Brooklyn, NY, he has once again found a way to put his southern hospitality and his love for working with people to good use.  Shalom is widely known for his passion, perseverance, and his unmatched character when it comes to matching a client up with their dream home.
Driven by a mission to create a positive legacy, Shalom is best known for striving to go above and beyond his call of duty.
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Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
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