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New York is known for being a hustling and bustling city and with that comes finding an apartment fast, pull the trigger right there. Rafaella is willing to do this process with you, with years in the industry she knows how to work in an efficient and fast manner which is required in the city. With a career in Marketing and advertising under her belt she knows what it's like to work fast and with tight deadlines. Some of her clients just come for 1 day to the city to leave the next one with a place they can call home, let that be you too!
She loves New York, every penny is worth it here and it shows, walking around the streets she will tell you cool fun facts and places to go to. She's fun, ambitious and efficient, she knows how to translate what you need and what you want in an apartment, let her help you to find your next home in this wonderful city we live in!
Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
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