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Brendan Downey's innate versatility throughout his life is a skill he's learned to use to his advantage when dominating Manhattan's real estate scene. Born and raised just outside of Harrisburg, Pa., Brendan's talent of being natural-born leader is conveyed in his work and network of clients never doubting his abilities as an agent. Just as his life accomplishment of being accepted to 20 colleges nationwide, Brendan continues to keep his acceptance rate into the hearts of real estate buyers, sellers and renters high as proven by his documented accomplishments at MEIER.

Prior to real estate, Brendan earned a bachelor of arts from Fordham University. He completed internships at organizations throughout New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and California. With a passion for the arts, he set his focus on student-produced projects like short films and one-man shows. Before pursuing his aspirations in real estate, Brendan also worked in the Audit Department at the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission. Tapping into his extraordinary salesmanship skills, he also had a few stints at Underground by Journeys at Cherry Hill Mall in Cherry Hill, Pa., where he was promoted to sales lead in less than a month - and then again at the Camp Hill branch within two months. Becoming a top performing agent at MEIER then for Brendan remains instinctive, as his tenacity for closing deals in a timely and efficient manner remains unrivaled.

Having attended high school at the Harrisburg Academy, Brendan participated heavily in extracurriculars early on. Naturally eager to express himself both creatively and verbally, Brendan was appointed not only president of the drama club but also vice president of the student council as well and served as president of a performance class, theater class and outreach program from 2012 to 2014. He also spent the little time he had left building up school spirit as his high school's mascot. Raising morale during uneasy times is an easy feat for him - which is manifested into his real estate career today as he always leaves clients even more hyped to find their dream home in the city that never sleeps than before.

Giving back to the community is something Brendan has strongly believes in, and he's led projects such as "Souper Bowl Sunday" to feed the homeless on game day and launched a trip to Cape May, N.J. to clean up a convent. An active member in his community, Brendan encourages others to do the same. It's no question why so many homeseekers are quick to choose him as their leading agent. Becoming one of New York City's very own, Brendan has lived in the Upper West Side, Hell's Kitchen and Williamsburg. Living in the city's broad range of different neighborhoods allowed him to develop an understanding for his clients' vision and taste for luxury like no other, matching them to their ideal home.
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