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Braden McKinnon
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Fascinated by the deep-rooted history and diverse architecture surrounding Manhattan's cultural melting pot, Braden McKinnon moved to New York City with the excitement of new adventures and opportunities. His journey relocating sparked a desire to make it big in residential real estate, so that he could help others also ready to take on the hustle and bustle of city life. A thrill seeker at heart, Braden is never one to back down from a challenge - especially when it comes to helping clients find their dream homes.

Braden will stop at nothing to give each and every one of his clients the five-star service they deserve, whether they're looking to buy, sell or rent. His commitment to putting his clients first is demonstrated by his natural ability to connect and truly listen to each individual's hopes and dreams. Keeping the client experience close to heart, Braden has already garnered an exceptional reputation for quality service and excellent communication.

Braden grew up in a family that thrived on successful business practices, strategies and intuitions brought on by years of hard work and dedication. This core environment ignited an opportunity for Braden to harness his entrepreneurial skill set and deep understanding of discipline from an early age. Prior to real estate Braden studied at a culinary arts and business school, going on to later specialize in personal fitness and nutrition.

In his spare time, Braden enjoys maintaining a healthy lifestyle by staying fit, eating clean and sticking to a routine. He loves traveling to new destinations to build further upon his knack for connecting with as many different cultures as possible. And he always remembers to stop and appreciate beautiful nature. Braden's also an adrenaline junkie who enjoys extreme activities like skydiving.
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