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Bopaul Sookdeo's career in real estate rests on a foundation that was built when, as a very young man, he managed five rental properties owned by his parents. A subsequent position in the construction industry gave him a keen technical awareness of buildings and hands-on skills for renovation and improvement. Time spent in the hospitality industry taught him the importance of customer satisfaction and the ways in which he can channel his impressive energy and his desire to please clients into favorable business dealings.

Bopaul is a true believer in the America Dream. He saw his own parents' dream come true following the hard work and dedication to their goal of a better life for their family. Now Bopaul applies that same determination to his professional interactions. Each day he strives to achieve his personal goal of becoming one of the best realtors to live. In building his business, he wants nothing less than 100% satisfaction, and will move mountains to make that happen. With a personality that is very flexible, Bopaul takes true pleasure in all the different type of people he encounters, knowing that he has the skills and experience to find excellent resolutions to their searches. He welcomes every client with the assurance that he will figure out a way to obtain the best for each one.
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Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
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