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Andrea Penn is a diligent, dedicated real estate agent with extensive knowledge of the market that helps clients navigate the complex NYC renting and buying process. With nearly a decade of real estate experience in Manhattan, she is adept at guiding her clients through the search and preparation, and understands all the requirements of securing the apartment they desire. Andrea achieved success quickly as an agent, named Rookie of the Year in her first six months. She has held top agent spots consecutively ever since. Her deep knowledge of neighborhoods and inventory, strong relationships with landlords, along with great patience and transparency also set her apart as a valuable real estate partner. Having lived in Manhattan for many years, as well in Williamsburg, Brooklyn where she did rentals as well, further solidifies her seasoned expertise. Andrea specializes in many NYC neighborhoods including the Upper East Side where she now resides, Midtown East, Murray Hill, as well as Chelsea and the Lower East Side. Born in Arizona, she spent time in San Diego, Seattle, and Pittsburgh growing up, and earned a Bachelor's in Applied Arts and Sciences at San Diego State University. Andrea is big into hockey, plus she is very into fashion, fitness, and home interior decorating as well as music.
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