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Alice Bahar
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English,Hebrew, Bulgarian
Clients love that Alice Bahar is caring, friendly, tenacious, and extremely professional. Time and again she's gotten compliments from real estate customers she's helped to find their dream home, for making the process easy and enjoyable.

She listens intently to your needs and works quickly to secure what you are looking for, always readily available to answer questions and tend to every detail.

What people also love about Alice is her straightforwardness, honesty and transparency. "Being upfront from the start ensures that my clients know all possibilities and don't get disappointed. There are so many moving parts in real estate, and the more informed and prepared they are, the better decisions they can make. I work fast and am very organized with my showings and documents, because time is of the essence."

She speaks Bulgarian, Hebrew and English fluently, and enjoys working with a diverse clientele. Having spent the past decade living in the West Village, she primarily focuses on rentals and sales in downtown Manhattan, but will work where her clients' interests lie.

When not busy working, she likes seeing live music, meeting up with friends, trying new restaurants, and spending time outdoors - whether at the beach, park, or bicycling around the city.
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