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Born in Connecticut into a family of self-starters who immigrated from Austria, Veronica Steiner's ties to New York City were paved through her family's roots in real estate. Learning how to survive whatever the market throws at her was something that was instilled in her blood from an early age. Although her family decided to move to San Francisco, she knew deep down the tristate area was her home and would eventually make the move back across the country to bring her expertise and infused passion for real estate into MEIER.

As a first-generation American and the youngest of seven children, Veronica developed strong communication skills and a dominant personality very early on to make sure her voice was heard. She also learned how to run her family's successful bar and restaurant called Steins in San Francisco, which inspired her to become an entrepreneur of her own using those keys to success as well as her disciplined self-starter gene. Founding a women's club, Veronica's goal is to build a sisterhood through community service and helping others. Her drive and competitive nature also led her to become a two-time Miss California contestant, strengthening her skills to never bow out of any hardships while upholding a true sense of elegance.

In real estate, she pulls from her experience dealing with a multitude of personalities and demeanors to fully understand everything she can about her clients. She actively engages with each of them to establish a friendship and reassurance as they search to move into a new, unfamiliar neighborhood. Understanding the impact a community has for first-time buyers, her profound background aiding communities eases any doubts her clients may face - an especially useful skill in the aggressive real estate market.

Having traveled to over 20 countries and sailing Baja California Peninsula and the Sea of Cortez for two months, Veronica has a fearless sense of adventure with a passion for diving and navigating into the unknown waters. As a New York City dweller, it's only natural she also has a love for theater and live music. When she's not in the office, you can find Veronica surrounding herself with nature or racing sailboats. She's also a major sports fanatic and was once a former sports editor, published writer and photographer for her college newspaper. She's the team player you most definitely want on your team in real estate!  
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