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Matt Solomon is a born-and-bred New Yorker whose passion for real estate stemmed from his grandparents owning multiple properties throughout the Hamptons and various neighborhoods in New York City. He grew up learning all about the luxury market, while harnessing his marketing and communication skills to one day successfully go into the real estate business himself. Today Matt is a top MEIER agent with a knack for meeting new people in search of a professional who can guide them through the difficult real estate transaction process.

Graduating from George Mason University in Fairfax, Va., Matt earned a major in criminal law and minor in intelligence analysis in 2017 while serving as chapter president of Alpha Sigma Phi. He also studied architecture and information technology which reinforced his interest in real estate, learning the different tools agents can use to market themselves and their properties. While in college, Matt's generosity and love for helping people reached new heights when he completed a successful bone marrow donation to help an individual suffering from a life-threatening blood cancer. This was an experience Matt says was life changing as it taught him his true calling is to assist people at a time of need - whether dealing with serious illnesses or finding a new place to call home.

Upon graduating, Matt quickly obtained his real estate license and began his career at a luxury real estate firm in the Hamptons on the east end of Long Island. He primarily focused on the digital marketing and advertising side for about two years, managing online ads, social media campaigns, graphic design work and tech support. He knew deep down however that his heart belonged in New York City working as an agent in the field. He discovered MEIER as the perfect firm to transition to as its strong training program and focus in agent branding coincided with his own business goals and marketing aspirations.

A firm believer in a healthy body equals a healthy mindframe, Matt has always lived an active lifestyle. Growing up he was extremely competitive in sports such as baseball and later mixed martial arts in college. The oldest of three, Matt helped raise his younger twin siblings while his parents worked full time. His upbringing taught him the importance of discipline from a very young age as he learned how to step up when needed, solve problems and get out of tough situations.
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