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John Kwak
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English, Korean
From just across the Hudson River in New Jersey, John has always considered New York City as a second home. His front-row seat to the city growing up made him want to be in the midst of it
all, energized by its fast pace and in awe of its ability to bring people from all walks of life together, a true melting pot of cultures. Now, as someone who has lived all over Manhattan and
Brooklyn before settling in Astoria, Queens, he can safely call himself a true New Yorker.
For John, impeccable customer service runs in the family. They ran a restaurant in Midtown for 35 years, where he learned the importance of effective time management skills and a client-first
mentality. Personable, adaptable, and highly organized, he values transparency in his professional relationships, making sure that he is open and honest throughout every step of the rental or sales process. His passion for helping his clients drives him to continuously learn and grow as an agent, ensuring that he is staying ahead of the curve and uncovering the best deals on
the market.
A dog lover, John loves taking his French Bulldog, Theo, out for long walks. He also enjoys grabbing his clubs and playing golf in his spare time.
John has working knowledge of Korean.
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