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Per Month
1BR at 2163 matthews ave
Pelham Parkway, East Bronx, Bronx
1 Bed 1 Bath Immediate Move-In
Listing Posted 1 week ago
Enjoy the most elegant buildings and newly renovated residences that the Bronx has to offer. Indulge in units thoughtfully-designed units with stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors, modern finishes, and beautiful views. With many apartments featuring balconies, feel at home with gorgeous outdoor space overlooking Pelham Park. Garage parking and on-site laundry facilities provide every tenant with convenience and comfort.
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0.15 mi at Morris Park (Paulding Ave and Esplanade)
0.27 mi at Pelham Parkway (Pelham Pkwy and White Plains Rd)
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Comparing this listing against median prices for 1BR / 1BA apartments in Pelham Parkway.
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The price of this apartment is $175 more expensive than the median price.
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This listing has a HopScore of 70.4 and was posted 1 week ago. The listing quality and manager score is good. Some of the contributing factors to the HopScore are listed below.
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RentHop Description
The apartment is a 1 Bedroom unit offered at a monthly price of $1,750. The person posting the listing did not specify that any pets were allowed. It may be the case that pets are ok and the manager simply has not yet filled out all the details.

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