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Note: This listing has expired and is no longer available.
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3BR at 1510 Unionport Road

Parkchester, East Bronx, Bronx
Listing Posted 45 weeks ago
3 Beds 1 Bath 1,044 Sqft Immediate Move-In
Parkchester's three bedroom Contemporary Apartments offer the best of both worlds: traditional space and style with sleek modern kitchens.  

The Contemporary three-bedroom residences are ideal for couples, for roommates who are sharing, for a single seeking a home office or media room, or for growing families. Like all apartments at Parkchester, they have hardwood floors, ample closet space, full sized windowed kitchens and windowed baths.  

The Contemporary Collection kitchens feature all new appliances with stainless steel accents,  granite countertops and ample cabinet space with two finishes available: Warm Cherry cabinets with rose-toned granite countertops or the Arctic Ribbon design featuring off-white and grey cabinets complemented by slate grey granite countertops.
Features & Amenities
By Owner
Common Outdoor Space
Landscaped gardens
30 min to midtown
100 onsite retailers including Starbucks
blink Fitness
On the Map
Nearby Public Transportation
0.32 mi at Castle Hill Av (Westchester Ave and Castle Hill Ave)
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This listing has a HopScore of and was posted 45 weeks ago. The listing quality and manager score is good. Some of the contributing factors to the HopScore are listed below.
Manager median reply time: 28 minutes and 6 seconds
Manager has answered 88.5% of inquiries prompty in recent months.
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Manager has not verified the listed phone number.
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RentHop Description
The apartment is a 3 Bedroom unit offered at a monthly price of $1,950. The building allows easy access via an elevator. The person posting the listing did not specify that any pets were allowed. It may be the case that pets are ok and the manager simply has not yet filled out all the details.

We have 10 photos of this particular unit, building, and surrounding areas. (1510 Unionport Road)
Agent Photo
Parkchester Preservation Management
Reply Rate: 88.5%
Avg Reply: 28 min 6 sec
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