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Northwestern University Apartments for Rent

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Northwestern University Apartments for Rent

About the University and City

Northwestern University was first established in 1851 as a private research university with campuses located in Evanston and Chicago. The university offers both undergraduate and graduate/professional degrees (124 and 145 to be exact). The university was meant to serve the Northwest Territory (which consists of states such as Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota). Northwestern is known for being one of the most selective universities in the nation (acceptance rate is 13%).

There are currently a total of 21,000 students enrolled in Northwestern University. Esteemed alumni of the school include Charlton Heston, John Paul Stevens, Ok Go, Luis Castillo, and more.

Where are the academic buildings?

Northwestern has three major campuses around the world. Two are located in Illinois, in Evanston and Chicago. While the remaining satellite campus is located in Qatar. The undergraduate and graduate schools are located in Evanston while the Medical School and affiliated hospitals, the law school, the part-time MBA program and the School of Professional Studies are located in the Chicago campus.

The university provides many resources to help students find their way around the campuses.

Where are the residence halls?

Northwestern provides several housing options for its students. These include both traditional residence halls and residential colleges which gather together students who have a particular intellectual interest in common (examples of such residential colleges include the Residential College of Cultural and Community studies). Almost all freshmen will opt to live on campus and up to 70% of the undergraduate population will continue to do so after their first year.

Northwestern's housing options for both undergraduate and graduate students are generally located on the Evanston campus vs the Chicago campus. Students who live on either campus can easily transfer between the two campuses by taking the free shuttles that Northwestern has to offer. Check out the Northwestern Shuttle website for the latest information and schedules.

Where do students live other than dorms?

As mentioned, up to 70% of the whole undergraduate population lives on campus. Students who do opt to live off-campus make up a very small percentage and will mostly remain living close to campus in neighborhoods surrounding Evanston or Chicago. Northwestern offers a plethora of resources for students who choose to live off campus. From guides on teaching you how to find an apartment or roommates to resources on how to continue to stay involved with Northwestern campus activities even while you live off-campus.

Both the Evanston and Chicago campus are extremely easy to commute to, either via public transportation or by walking, biking or driving. Northwestern also has their own Shuttle that off-campus students can use to their advantage.

Where do alums live if they stay in the city?

Northwestern has alumnus everywhere, but many of them will stay in Illinois. Most will stay around the Evanston or Chicago area but some will also move abroad or head to other cities such as San Francisco or New York.

Resources for people moving to or in the city

We offer a great selection of apartments in the neighborhoods surrounding Northwestern. Click here to view apartments in this area.

Transportation maps:

  • CTA Bus Tracker
  • Regional Transit Map
  • CTA 'L' System Map

Real Estate Firms located physically around Northwestern campus:

  • Coldwell Banker Evanston
  • At Properties
  • Evanston Home
  • Colliers
  • BJB Evanston
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