45 Marion Street

45 Marion Street

Brookline, Massachusetts, 02446

This is for the 45 Marion Street in Brookline. For other buildings, 45 Marion Street.
The 45 Marion Street building is located in Coolidge Corner, Brookline.

There is also a Trader Joe's here. The area has a number of food options, including Shiki, Panera Bread, and Fugakyu Japanese Cuisine. These are located within 433 yards. Osaka Japanese Sushi & Steak House and The Upper Crust Pizzeria are some of the restaurants in the area.
Features & Amenities
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Beds Baths Unit Price Posted Sqft
1 Bed 1 Bath 614 $2,400 1 week ago 705
1 Bed 1 Bath 412 $2,725 21 hours ago 703
1 Bed 1 Bath 612 $2,750 4 weeks ago   -
1 Bed 1 Bath 606 $2,800 26 weeks ago 703
1 Bed 1 Bath 414 $2,825 26 weeks ago 703
1 Bed 1 Bath 612 $2,925 26 weeks ago 703
1 Bed 1 Bath FURNISHED $3,200 26 weeks ago 703
1 Bed 1 Bath 202 $3,300 5 weeks ago 815
Nearby Transportation
0.17 mi at Summit Avenue (formerly Winchester Street) Station (Beacon Street at Winchester Street, Brookline)
The Area (Coolidge Corner Apartments for Rent )
The feel of Boston and surrounding suburbs can often have an extremely “busy†and hectic vibe to it. While some people thrive on the energetic vibes of the big city, others like a more laid back and small town feel. If that is you, let me introduce you to Coolidge Corner. This little, pedestrian-friendly neighborhood has a number of very cool and unique shops and places to see that you won’t see anywhere else. However, don’t get that confused for being boring, as there is still plenty to do in Coolidge Corner. If you're looking to rent an apartment in Coolidge Corner, take a look at the various listings on our site. By filtering for specific amenities, finding the perfect apartment is within reach.

As soon as you step foot into this neighborhood, you...

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