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235 Brookline Street

Cambridge, MA, 02139

The 235 Brookline Street building is located in Cambridgeport, Cambridge.

Green Street and Middle East Restaurant And Nightclub are some of the restaurants in the area. You can find Andala Coffee House nearby. There is also a Whole Foods Market here.
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Nearby Public Transportation
0.51 mi at Central Station (Massachusetts Avenue at Western Avenue at Prospect Street at Magazine Street, Ca)
0.59 mi at Boston University Central Station (Commonwealth Avenue near St. Marys Street, Boston)
The Area (Cambridgeport Apartments for Rent)
If you are interested in a neighborhood that offers a family friendly atmosphere right next to one of the biggest technology sectors on the planet, Cambridgeport is for you. This neighborhood is only a few minutes away from MIT and a few more away from the heart of Boston. Despite this, it maintains a "small-town" feel as it features mainly residences. This neighborhood of around 10,000 people is also quite diverse.

Whereas a lot of the neighborhoods on the southern end of Cambridge are full of office buildings, labs, and businesses, Cambridgeport is mainly residential. This neighborhood is full of triple decker homes and offers quiet living throughout the majority of the neighborhood. However, as you get closer to MIT on the east side of the neighborhood, more office buildings pop up and the busier side of Cambridgeport emerges.

Most people who live in this neighborhood are likely attracted more to the quiet residential side of Cambridgeport than the busy commercial…

Cambridgeport Apartments

Available Listings
14 weeks
235 Brookline St.
Cambridgeport, Cambridge
$2,900 2 Bed 1 Bath
By Cambridge Realty Group
900 ft² · Laundry in Unit · Furnished
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Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
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