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City Council Bills Threaten to Harm NYC Renters and Real Estate Professionals
Updated 2 months ago
  June 26th, 2019 Update: The City Council will be holding a public hearing on these bills in City Hall on Thursday, June 27th at 1 pm. REBNY has organized a rally for agents/landlords to protest the bills just before the hearing -- 12 pm on the steps of City Hall. You can learn more about the…
Which Brooklyn Neighborhood is the Best Match for You?
Updated 4 months ago
  Whether you're fleeing the craze of Manhattan or transplanting to NYC, a move to Brooklyn is as exciting as moves come. However, in Brooklyn, the neighborhoods are as different as the people that live in them, with a huge range of prices. So which Brooklyn neighborhood is best for you?   Willi…
There's an app for that!
Updated 4 months ago
Renters and agents - We have now relaunched the mobile app for managers and renters! The app is free to download and is available for both iOS and Android users.   RentHop Manager App: App Store for iPhone users. Google Play for Android users. Rental Managers now have an easy way to connect…
What can $2,500 get you in Chelsea right now?
Updated 5 months ago
Finding an apartment is tough. Finding an apartment you can actually afford is even harder. That is why we, here at RentHop wants to give a little insight on what's on the market right now, in different price ranges. Chelsea is a popular neighborhood in New York City for many reasons and some of…
What’s the application process and screening criteria for a rental application?
Updated 5 months ago
Apartment searching can be stressful. Even after spending all that time and energy searching for the perfect apartment, there is still the question of if the landlord will choose you out of all the other applicants. This brings us to the topic of the rental application process. What it is and…
Negotiating Tactics for a Better Lease The Second Time Around
Updated 11 months ago
It can be such a good and rewarding feeling when you find the perfect apartment, home, or condo to rent. With how many bad landlords, bad neighbors, and bad units are out there, it is always a big relief to find somewhere that you love to live. Unfortunately, once your lease is about to end…
Cyber Monday Apartment Wishlist for 2017
Updated 21 months ago
Whether you have just newly moved into your own place or if you have lived alone for a while, there are always new things to purchase. Shopping lists are seemingly never-ending and there are always areas in your apartment that could be improved. One of the best times of the years to stock up on…
Brokers Fee – An Investment or Just Another Expense?
Updated 25 months ago
When it comes to seeking out your next apartment, the search can often be incredibly overwhelming. There are a ton of considerations to make and a ton of properties you could potentially look at. Every property has a different price, different amenities, and is located in a different…
5 Tips for Taking Stellar Photos of Your Apartment
Updated 25 months ago
We all have experiences like this: as we browse through apartments on the Internet, we notice that some listings have bad photos, like REALLY AWFUL photos. While we may say to ourselves "oh my god, I will never rent this apartment," when it's our turn to advertise our apartments, somehow our…
5 Tips for Taking Stellar Photos of Your Apartment
What Makes Your Listings Stand Out?
Updated 25 months ago
Online marketing and advertising are now the standard ways for engaging with consumers. Especially in real estate, what you present to your potential clients often dictate how successful you are. But when there are millions of listings, landlords and agents out there, how do you and your…
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