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Banning the Bad Brokers
Updated 20 hours ago
We previously discussed why brokers are necessary in the NYC apartment rental scene - they make deals happen and save everyone a lot of time. Unfortunately, some bad apples give everyone in the business a negative reputation. Over the past few months, we have significantly stepped up our…
Strictly Enforcing Flex Bedroom Advertising
Updated 1 day ago
The Flex bedroom concept has been around forever: converting an extra alcove or living room into an extra bedroom using temporary walls or dividers. Maybe thousands of years ago, cavemen would roll large home large boulders, turning the studio cavern into a junior one. Unfortunately, the…
How Brokers Deliver Things People Want (Part 1)
Updated 3 days ago
As a followup to yesterday's classic Y Combinator advice on how not to die, today we discuss the primary mantra from Paul Graham and the other YC partners: Make Something People Want Every YC participants gets a Make Something People Want t-shirt at the start of the batch. In the old days,…
How Not to Die - Agents and Brokers Edition
Updated 4 days ago
The top voted article on Hacker News caught my attention today. It's actually an old Paul Graham essay from well over 10 years ago, but one that I used to read every few months during the early days of RentHop. Back then, Lawrence and I incorrectly assumed that open listings and rental brokers…
Renting in Brooklyn: What does the borough have to offer?
Updated 1 week ago
Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Brooklyn. A borough of many personalities. Most people might be dead set on living in Manhattan if they are to move to New York City so they can be close to all the action. However, Brooklyn has action too and a lot to offer, depending on what you are looking for. One of the…
RentHop Horror Stories - Murder House: Happy Halloween!
Updated 2 weeks ago
For those who love horror stories and movies, you probably remember the gorgeous mansion featured in season 1 of American Horror Story. The mansion, in reality, a masterpiece by the architect Alfred Rosenheim, used to be a popular filming location and is now a vacation rental property in Los…
City Council Bills Threaten to Harm NYC Renters and Real Estate Professionals
Updated 4 months ago
  June 26th, 2019 Update: The City Council will be holding a public hearing on these bills in City Hall on Thursday, June 27th at 1 pm. REBNY has organized a rally for agents/landlords to protest the bills just before the hearing -- 12 pm on the steps of City Hall. You can learn more about the…
Which Brooklyn Neighborhood is the Best Match for You?
Updated 6 months ago
  Whether you're fleeing the craze of Manhattan or transplanting to NYC, a move to Brooklyn is as exciting as moves come. However, in Brooklyn, the neighborhoods are as different as the people that live in them, with a huge range of prices. So which Brooklyn neighborhood is best for you?   Willi…
There's an app for that!
Updated 6 months ago
Renters and agents - We have now relaunched the mobile app for managers and renters! The app is free to download and is available for both iOS and Android users.   RentHop Manager App: App Store for iPhone users. Google Play for Android users. Rental Managers now have an easy way to connect…
What can $2,500 get you in Chelsea right now?
Updated 6 months ago
Finding an apartment is tough. Finding an apartment you can actually afford is even harder. That is why we, here at RentHop wants to give a little insight on what's on the market right now, in different price ranges. Chelsea is a popular neighborhood in New York City for many reasons and some of…
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