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Market Trends
MMT: Modern Monetary Theory, or Magical Mortgage Tease?
Updated 1 month ago
For almost 10 years now, experts everywhere have called for rising mortgage rates. Shortly after the financial crisis, everyone everywhere felt bad about buying anything. But as we bounced from the March 2009 lows, slowly the financial gears began ticking again and risk appetite came back. In…
The Upcoming 2017 Housing Crisis?
Updated 37 months ago
We are now 7 years past the worst of the housing crisis and great recession of 2008. In most markets, the long foreclosure overhangs and short sales are finally back to historical levels. Hotter markets such as San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, and Dallas are well past their old bubble highs…
How Trump Will Affect Your Rent? 8 Ways His Presidency May Affect You!
Updated 38 months ago
The Trump election upset has already caused volatile movements in the stock, bond, and commodities markets. However, mortgages, real estate taxes, condo dues, and rent payments hit closer to home! We discuss 8 ways a Trump presidency is likely to affect apartment rental prices, both nationwide…
Donald Trump points where prices will go
The Price of Convenience for Manhattan Apartment Hunters
Updated 35 months ago
Research originally written in 2014, but moved to our blog from an external location. With the tight inventory in NYC rentals, the scramble to find that perfect apartment (at a reasonable price) this summer can be daunting. However, before you start scouring online, take some time to think about…
Seven Things To Think About In Your Summer Apartment Hunt
Updated 35 months ago
We hope you had a great July 4 th weekend! Now it's summertime, and we're into the thick of the apartment-hunting season. Students are looking for new places, new graduates are moving to their new cities, and people everywhere are trying to avoid moving in cold weather. When you're searching in…
Five Creative Ways to Save Money and Space in Your Apartment
Updated 66 months ago
We know that saving money is a constant struggle. Life's expensive, especially in cities like New York, Boston and Chicago. Equally, everyone wants more and better space in their homes. ( We can help with that!) We at RentHop put our heads together to come up with five creative ways to do both at…
All-new Rental Heatmaps!
Updated 67 months ago
We've been hard at work building exciting new site features that will help you find a new rental home faster and more effectively than ever. One of those new features is our Rental Heatmaps. (Our friends at Curbed NY wrote about the Heatmaps last week!) The Rental Heatmaps give access for the…
A Look Back at Recent Blog Posts
Updated 69 months ago
There's a lot of things to keep in mind as you're looking for, finding, renting and living in an apartment. We thought we'd go back through our old blog posts and pull out some especially helpful ones for your reading pleasure. Let us know if there's anything we missed! [caption…
Can You Negotiate Your Rent In Manhattan?
Updated 69 months ago
It can be really hard to find an apartment in Manhattan. Just finding an available apartment in the neighborhood you want and with the features you need is tough enough. (We're here to help!) Finding one of those that you can afford can be really, really tough. [caption id="attachment_1668…
Looking at the Hidden Costs of Living in New York
Updated 70 months ago
At RentHop we keep track of rents across the nation (and we're building some great new tools to help you analyze them). To help you understand better some of the personal finance issues related to paying rent, we're partnering with Moven and SmartAsset, two leaders in the personal finance field,…
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