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Market Trends
Market Trends
How low can you go?
Updated 27 months ago
What Now? You've scoured the city for the perfect apartment, and now you've found that gem. Now what? Is the listing price the last word? We wrote a short piece last April ( How to Negotiate a Lower Apartment Rent) about rent negotiations. In general, haggling down the listing price will depend on…
Price Drop
How to Negotiate a Lower Apartment Rent
Updated 27 months ago
After managing a site dedicated to no-fee apartments in New York City for so long, one of the more frequent visitor questions we receive is, "How do I negotiate with the broker or landlord for a lower rent than the asking price?" Fortunately, we have seen many useful techniques for rent…
Flip Tax Shortages: Double Whammy For Co-op Buyers
Updated 27 months ago
In today's piece, we take a break from the usual rant about no fee Manhattan rentals lists and focus on the sales market. The Nasty Closing Cost: Flip Tax After reading Teri Rogers's article in the New York Times, The Downside of Condos in a Downturn, many co-op owners must be rejoicing their…
The Right Apartment for Me - Walk Up vs Doorman/Elevator
Updated 28 months ago
It's June, and your lease is up by July 1. You've always lived in a doorman/elevator building, but are now considering a walk-up. You've heard some horror stories, but aren't sure. What are some factors to worry about? Well, have no fear, we at RentHop will dissect the differences and try to…
Walk-Up vs High-Rise
Old Upper East Side Offers New Deals!
Updated 28 months ago
When I started apartment-hunting this fall, I thought I would end up in Brooklyn. It seemed like a good value proposition, and I wanted to live in a laid-back neighborhood with creative young people and a feeling of community. It turns out the cheap Brooklyn I remember from my early 20s no longer…
Our predictions for the rental market in 2013
Updated 28 months ago
Photo via Josh Gutmaker Ever since the financial crisis and recession began over 4 years ago, our country has increasingly become a nation of renters. Home ownership peaked at 69% during the housing boom only to decline rapidly to a now 15-year low in 2012. Will 2013 turn the tides back, as…
New York City
What are the Hottest (and Coldest) NYC Neighborhoods?
Updated 28 months ago
What are the most popular neighborhoods for renters in Manhattan? Based on searches people conducted over a five-month span (and over 6 million searches) on, we've identified them. The three most searched for neighborhoods on are the West Village, Chelsea, and SoHo. The…
Neighborhood Popularity
Seven Things To Think About In Your Summer Apartment Hunt
Updated 28 months ago
We hope you had a great July 4 th weekend! Now it's summertime, and we're into the thick of the apartment-hunting season. Students are looking for new places, new graduates are moving to their new cities, and people everywhere are trying to avoid moving in cold weather. When you're searching in…
What a colorful show!
The Price of Convenience for Manhattan Apartment Hunters
Updated 28 months ago
Research originally written in 2014, but moved to our blog from an external location. With the tight inventory in NYC rentals, the scramble to find that perfect apartment (at a reasonable price) this summer can be daunting. However, before you start scouring online, take some time to think about…
Price relative to floor
The Upcoming 2017 Housing Crisis?
Updated 30 months ago
We are now 7 years past the worst of the housing crisis and great recession of 2008. In most markets, the long foreclosure overhangs and short sales are finally back to historical levels. Hotter markets such as San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, and Dallas are well past their old bubble highs…
Figure 1: Ten-Year Treasury prices have dropped sharply since November 8th, corresponding to a significant rise in mortgage interest rates.
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