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Alexis Ohanian Created the HipMunk ChipMunk and RentHop Wally Mascots
Updated 4 days ago
HipMunk just announced they will be shutting down next week. Back in 2010 when they first launched, they were by far the best site for searching for flights. They also had the chipmunk mascot - who people have told us strongly resembles RentHop's Wally the Wallaby. Turns out they are brothers…
What Are Two-Up Two-Down Apartments?
Updated 5 days ago
Like the Manhattan Classic Six, there is a particular floorplan jargon that is extremely common in prewar London. It's called the Two-Up, Two-Down row house. It refers to having no neighbors above and below you, but almost always neighbors on your two sides. If you are lucky enough to have the…
FreshDirect vs Amazon Fresh: Veggie and Salad Showdown
Updated 5 days ago
Today we follow up on our comparison of FreshDirect vs Amazon Fresh. Grocery delivery services promise fresh, healthy foods with minimum effort and reasonable prices. Therefore, the most important comparison should be vegetables and salads (we know, fruits are important too, but not for today).…
Grocery Deliveries for New Yorkers: Amazon Fresh vs. Fresh Direct vs Prime Now
Updated 5 days ago
At last, we are back from travels and heavily jet-lagged - which means sleeping and waking at odd hours for the next few weeks. To be honest, the jet-lag can provide a peaceful way to ease back into the daily work routine. It means waking up hours before any clients or colleagues have questions…
Quoting Price Cuts and Discounts in Taiwan
Updated 1 week ago
First off, it turns out the Taiwanese have caught on to the Japanese Fortune Bag concept. Even Family Mart sells fukubukuro bags. My guess is the entire exercise is quite profitable... for the merchant. You would think for publicity purposes they might try to ensure a few very lucky winners…
Fukubukuro - Japanese Fortune Bags and Rental Apartments
Updated 1 week ago
Hello and Happy New Year from Tokyo, Japan. The culture here certainly has some interesting concepts not found elsewhere in the world. We previously discussed the ancient " Repaired With Gold" technique, hat tip to Jason Friedman. New Year Fortune Bags Around New Years, shops small and large…
How To Tip Your New York City Building Doormen
Updated 2 weeks ago
What is the customary tip for your luxury high-rise doormen? or for that matter, your super, your porters, and housekeeper? Every other guide simply defers to the non-advice of "it depends." So we will try to be more concrete. First, check out our guide on how MUCH to tip doormen. Most people…
RentHop Completes The Ultimate Heist
Updated 1 week ago
Today we had our annual RentHop Secret Santa gift exchange. We upgraded from the old "names in a hat" method to the much higher tech Elfster (because one employee was tired of getting the same recipient 3 years in a row, which Elfster can prevent). Photos from the gift exchange and drinks will…
RentHop BitCoin Appreciation Exceeds Boston and Chicago Profits
Updated 1 month ago
In December 2013, began accepting BitCoin as a form of payment for landlords and real estate brokers to advertise apartment listings. The company initial l y offered a 60% discount off the prevailing USD to BTC exchange rate to encourage adoption of the new technology, and RentHop…
Strictly Enforcing Flex Bedroom Advertising
Updated 2 months ago
The Flex bedroom concept has been around forever: converting an extra alcove or living room into an extra bedroom using temporary walls or dividers. Maybe thousands of years ago, cavemen would roll large home large boulders, turning the studio cavern into a junior one. Unfortunately, the…
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