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Brokers and Landlords
Discount Brokers: Avoiding Adverse Selection Problems
Updated 1 week ago
Yesterday we discussed one of the original discount real estate brokerage businesses from the Dot Com 1.0 Bubble. To be fair, the founders probably came out well - a success story from a Y Combinator definition, because the founders "got rich" (relative to their cohort). But none of the…
High Resolution Pricing: Agents and Broker Edition
Updated 2 weeks ago
One of our Y Combinator batch mates way back in Summer 2009 was a company called InstantQ, founded by Dana Levine and Jeff Shi. They were an early version of Groupon, allowing restaurants to fine tune pricing specific to certain customers, day of week, time of day, etc. At the time, Paul…
Banning the Bad Brokers
Updated 3 weeks ago
We previously discussed why brokers are necessary in the NYC apartment rental scene - they make deals happen and save everyone a lot of time. Unfortunately, some bad apples give everyone in the business a negative reputation. Over the past few months, we have significantly stepped up our…
City Council Bills Threaten to Harm NYC Renters and Real Estate Professionals
Updated 5 months ago
  June 26th, 2019 Update: The City Council will be holding a public hearing on these bills in City Hall on Thursday, June 27th at 1 pm. REBNY has organized a rally for agents/landlords to protest the bills just before the hearing -- 12 pm on the steps of City Hall. You can learn more about the…
5 Tips for Taking Stellar Photos of Your Apartment
Updated 28 months ago
We all have experiences like this: as we browse through apartments on the Internet, we notice that some listings have bad photos, like REALLY AWFUL photos. While we may say to ourselves "oh my god, I will never rent this apartment," when it's our turn to advertise our apartments, somehow our…
5 Tips for Taking Stellar Photos of Your Apartment
What Makes Your Listings Stand Out?
Updated 28 months ago
Online marketing and advertising are now the standard ways for engaging with consumers. Especially in real estate, what you present to your potential clients often dictate how successful you are. But when there are millions of listings, landlords and agents out there, how do you and your…
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Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
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