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2BR at 65 East India Row

2BR/2.5BA at 65 East India Row

Waterfront, North End, Boston
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Listing Posted 2 days ago
2 Bed 2.5 Bath Immediate Move-In
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Nearby Public Transportation
0.20 mi at Aquarium Station (183 State Street, Boston)
0.38 mi at State Station (200 Washington Street and 1 State Street, Boston)
0.47 mi at Courthouse Station (Seaport Boulevard at Pittsburg Street, Boston)
0.47 mi at South Station (Summer Street at Atlantic Avenue, Boston)
0.49 mi at Government Center Station (Tremont Street at Court Street at Cambridge Street, Boston)
The Property / Area (North End)
The North End of Boston has the distinction of being the oldest residential neighborhood in all of Boston, which makes it among the oldest in the country. In fact, it has been inhabited ever since it was settled back in the 1630s. Despite being under .5 square miles in size, this neighborhood is home to over 10,000 people and features a ton of tourist attractions. If you're looking for a neighborhood that offers a little bit of everything the North End is a good option.

As soon as you step foot in this neighborhood, you are reminded why it's called "Little Italy." You can hear people speaking Italian and can smell the fresh basil, garlic, and baked goods in the air. The neighborhood has been primarily Italians for decades and it still is today. However, the neighborhood has an inviting feel and is welcoming to everyone from any background. As a result, a lot of young professionals have moved to this desirable neighborhood and are beginning to change its reputation a bit…

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Price Comparison
This apartment is $300 more expensive than the median price for 2BR / 2.5BA apartments in Waterfront, which is $4,500.
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This listing has a HopScore of 71.0 and was posted 2 days ago. The listing quality and manager score is very poor. Some of the contributing factors to the HopScore are listed below.
Listing is in a popular/mainstream neighborhood
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The apartment is a 2 Bedroom unit offered at a monthly price of $4,800. The person posting the listing did not specify that any pets were allowed. It may be the case that pets are ok and the manager simply has not yet filled out all the details.

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