Managed Advertising
RentHop Rate Card
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Managed Listing Slots
(Via Feed)
Managed listings will automatically be reposted and/or featured by RentHop's AgentAI. AgentAI takes into account website traffic, time and day, seasonality, competition from similar listings, and much more.
Unused slot budget will be used to optimize existing listings. We take all standard syndication feed formats.
$20 per slot, 50 slot minimum. Billed monthly.
$500 setup fee.
Banner Ads
Standard 300 x 250 ad unit, displayed on search results and listing details pages.
$8 CPM.
$5,000 minimum budget.
Renter Newsletter
RentHop sends a twice-daily newsletter to renters who've recently inquired about a listing or have performed multiple related searches on RentHop.
The newsletter is sent out to 100K+ recipients daily and is responsible for originating 25% of RentHop's traffic. This renter segment is high intent and yields the best advertising ROI.
Your listings will be guaranteed a slot in each of our 5M+ total monthly newsletter sends. View an example here.
$5,000 per month.
$1,000 setup fee.
White Labelled Listings Portal
Branded and customizable listings search portal for your firm, fully managed and hosted by RentHop. Banner ads and newsletter ads can link to this instead.
Rates can vary based on portal complexity. View an example here.
$250+ per month.
$5,000+ implementation fee.
For more information on any of these options, contact and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.
Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
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