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Ocean Parkway, Midwood, Central Brooklyn, Brooklyn
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2 Beds 1 Bath
Listing Posted 56 weeks ago
Gorgeous Two Bedroom Midwood, Brooklyn.  This unit boasts beautiful hardwood flooring, eat in kitchen, large rooms in an elevator building with an on site super.  Transportation is only minutes away, F and Q trains as well as various bus lines are accessible quickly.
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Laundry in Building
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Nearby Public Transportation
0.25 mi - Av P (Avenue P and McDonald Ave)
0.57 mi - Kings Highway (Kings Hwy and 15th St)
0.72 mi - Bay Parkway-22nd Av (66th St and Bay Pkwy)
The Area (Central Brooklyn)

Neighborhood: Central Brooklyn

Population: According to the April 2010 census, 2,504,700 people live in Brooklyn, New York, accounting for just over 30% of NYC’s total population.

Adjacent Neighborhoods: North Brooklyn, Downtown Brooklyn, East New York

Public Transit: 2/3/B/D/Q, BM1, BM2, BM3, and BM4, B35, B16, B68, and B103.

What’s Here?: Central Brooklyn is primarily residential. If you’re looking for a quieter, more suburban area in NYC, this is your spot. While home to some affluent homeowners, the area also has a large working-class population, and gentrification efforts in the last few decades have brought big box stores to the area, like Target and Old Navy.

Crown Heights, primarily known...

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