Our CEO in VentureBeat!

Recently our CEO, Lee Lin, wrote a guest post on VentureBeat about his experiences presenting a case study on RentHop to a group of 90 Harvard MBA students.  Here’s a link to the post.

Some of Lee’s key insights:

1)  Hearing something you already know, articulated from a different vantage point, can be just as valuable as hearing it for the first time. There is a benefit to concisely formalizing concepts that you already know. You’ll have an easier time processing the topic in your head and communicating your thoughts to others.

2)  Instead of worrying about big competitors, startups should be afraid of (a) defeating themselves through bad execution and (b) disruptive startups that haven’t yet entered the spotlight.

3)  Startups that address relatively small and homogeneous target groups may monetize more successfully by charging people who are clearly gaining measurable value from the service than by using ad networks and affiliate programs.

4)  The “Yelp for X” business model is popular, but it’s hard to create a comprehensive review service when “X” is not food or travel.  Very few people will happily praise their landlords for collecting rent on time each month and promptly calling the exterminator.


Nightmare roommate(s)? Tell us more!!

As much as we love a good roommate story, we almost love a bad roommate story more.   If you’re willing to share (and change names to protect the moderately guilty), we’d love to hear about it.  Go on over to our FB page (and like us while you’re there!), or tweet us at @renthop.  (You can, of course, email us at feedback@renthop.com – we’d love to hear from you.)  The winner gets a fantastic RentHop shirt!


There’s an app for that!

Today we announced the launch of our new mobile app for rental property managers, which you can get for free at the iOS App Store (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/renthop-manager/id695651355).

Rental property managers now have an easy way to connect with renters searching for quality apartments, to update their listings data, and to “check-in” using our new mobile app.   With the check-in feature, managers can broadcast their location in real-time and instantly schedule showings with interested apartment seekers.  Listings available for appointments on demand receive a higher HopScore and so will appear further up in the search results at www.renthop.com.

Our site also features a live map for consumers in the NYC area displaying where all rental property managers are checking in so they can immediately reach out to schedule an office consultation or view a specific property.

RentHop's new Appointment on Demand map
Our new Appointment on Demand map

The mobile app includes:

  • Messaging – to send notes and communicate with renters in real-time from a mobile device.
  • Listings – to repost and update listings from the mobile device and reflect instantly on RentHop
  • Check In – to notify renters that managers are immediately available to show listings.  This is then reflected in real time on our site.

We’re really excited about this new development and we look forward to serving you!

10 Things Not to Forget When You’re Looking at Apartments

We gave Boston.com some advice on the apartment hunting process. Check the piece out here!

“When it comes to apartment hunting, most people have a checklist of items that their future living quarters must entail. Two bedrooms? Check. One bath? Check. Proximity to public transportation? Check. But there are many more subtle features that often get overlooked, but can be just as important once the renter gets settled into his/her new digs.

Lee Lin, CEO of RentHop, the smarter apartment search marketplace, offered advice of other apartment “essentials” to look for.” Read more…

RentHop + Chicago = Awesome

Bulls, Bears, Fans of Ferris Bueller,
We’d like to announce that RentHop is officially launching in Chicago today!

Nice to meet you, Windy City Hoppers. We already know what makes Chicago great (Wieners Circle, the Art Institute, ChicAGoGo), but here’s a little bit about what makes us special. RentHop doesn’t just sort your searches by price or posting date. We sort by quality.

We rank apartment listings using the HopScore, which is powered by set of sophisticated algorithms that our geeky founders cooked up. What goes into the HopScore, you ask? Here’s a quick look:

(Publicly available) Info that helps us gauge the quality, timeliness and completeness of the listing (you wouldn’t want to look at a listing without photos, right?).
The internal track record of the listing within RentHop (price drops, how many inquiries an apartment has received, etc.).
The previous behavior of the broker or landlord offering the apartment (how quickly they respond to your inquiries, for example!).

MIT wizardry

= HopScore
For our Chicago launch, we’ve taken the 3 years of data we’ve gleaned from NYC and partnered with fellow Y Combinator backed company YouGotListings to help seed and calibrate the initial scoring. But over time, the site will train and adapt based on usage patterns specific to Chicago searches.

Oh, and as always, RentHop is free for apartment hunters, and for a limited time, managers joining in Chicago and Boston will earn a free lifetime basic membership.

Comment here if you have questions, or tell us how we can best help you find the most awesome apartments in the Windy City.

The RentHop Team


And the NYC RentHop Winner is….

Congratulations to Guillaume Derouet for posting our one millionth New York City rental listing!


We actually didn’t expect to cross the mark until near the end of the month, but the renter AND landlord activity has been growing at a break-neck pace.  Keep of the good work everyone; I’m so glad the community continues to thrive and evolve.

Many of you have also noticed the recent design changes that Lawrence has implemented, both in the landlord dashboard and the main list-based apartment search.  However, one of my favorite changes has been the new and streamlined NYC apartment map search.  When we first began, three years ago, the map page was our original and only search mode!  Back in the day we plotted every listing in Manhattan on the Google map, using some clever JS hackery to keep the performance acceptable while juggling thousands of listings.  As we’ve grown, however, we realized that renters tend not to want to see every possible listing.  It’s much more important just to see the high quality, highly relevant posts.   Now, for the first time ever on RentHop, we’ve fully integrated our trust score and search rank algorithms alongside the location-based filtering.

Give it a shot!

Nearing one million posts since inception!

Within the next few days, we are expecting to reach our one millionth NYC apartment listing ever posted on RentHop.com!  If you are the lucky landlord or broker to hit the big million, then let us know and we’ll gift you 1,000 free RentHop credits for posting on CraigsList, buying featured listings, or many of the our premium features in our landlord dashboard.


Deal Grab Bag: Parker Towers 875 sqft from $1900 (Forest Hills)

Best location in Forest Hills – Size Matters

Apartment 2K– Fully Renovated 1BR with private balcony875 SF * $1900
Our Largest One Bedroom, kitchen features granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, marble bathroom with hand carved vanity. FLOOR PLAN

Apartment 6W – Corner Two Bedroom with private balcony1033 SF * $2050
Gigantic Two Bedroom Apartment, corner private unit, new wood flooring throughout, large living room, abundant closet space. FLOOR PLAN

Apartment 16V – Fully Renovated 3BR with private balcony1327 SF * $3000
Fabulous Three Bedroom featuring kitchen with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, two marble bathrooms with hand carved vanities, huge private balcony, and great views. FLOOR PLAN

Call us today for the latest updates of our new listings.  888-256-0135

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